From: Jeffrey Hanks (jeffhanks@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 11/04/98

There is a good reason that it says not to change it.  Simply put, you
aren't supposed to change it!!!  This is the maximum amount of
AFF_FLAGS that base CircleMud will support on a 32-bit system.  The
reason for this is that an integer is stored as 4-bytes (32-bits).
Therefore each AFF or PRF (or any other bitvector used in the mud)
will take up one of those bits in memory.

If you could actually look at the AFF flags in binary it would look
something like:

00010000 10001100 10000110 00010011

Where each 1 or 0 represents a different bitvector going from the
right to the left.  If the value is "1", then that means that the
bitvector is turned on, if it is "0" then the bitvector is turned off.

There are two fixes for this problem:

1.) Get a 64-bit Alpha processor running a 64-bit OS.
2.) Rewrite the code to support more bitvectors.  This is done usually
by stringing integers together, so thus if you use two integers you
can have 64 bitvectors, 4 integers, will give you 128 bitvectors, and
so on... This is no easy task, but luckily for you, I believe there is
already a patch available that has done this.  Check the snippets page.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Hanks

---Igor <imestric@PUBLIC.SRCE.HR> wrote:
> Still having problems with affection flags...
> Although for MAX_AFFECTS in structs.h says DO NOT CHANGE i've
changed it
> from 32 to 100 but AFF_FLAGS after 30 don't work...
> Spells make those affects which don't work so i've changed the
> but it still reports INVALID BITVECTOR (although in constants
> seems OK)
> ????
> If it's the same bug as in PRF_FLAGS, what is to be done, please help.
>   Peace With You
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