[AD] Forgotten Realms Adventures - Admins, Areas, and Coders Want ed

From: Dolan, Scott (SDolan@MICROV.COM)
Date: 11/05/98

Forgotten Realms Adventures, a 7 month old baby of myself and Rick Glover is
looking for new immortals to step into our ranks and help our mud become the
number one TSR (R) Forgotten Realms Mud around.  Some of our advanced
features include a modified OLC to make our mobs, objs, and rooms conform to
TSR rules.  A memorization based spell system, and some other really nifty
features that I am sure Rick has posted about on the list... If you are
interested, please email me at sdolan@microv.com or scdolan@gte.net.  You
can also stop by online and talk to any one of the Greater Gods as well.


Mystra aka Scott
fradventures.com 8080

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