From: Andrew (object@ALPHALINK.COM.AU)
Date: 11/06/98

>#define SET_BIT_AR(var. bit)      ((var)[Q_FIELD(bit)] |= Q_BIT(bit))

Try this:

#define SET_BIT_AR(var, bit)            ((var)[Q_FIELD(bit)] != Q_BIT(bit))
                      ^                                      ^^
I'm not sure whether the '!=' is correct, because I've never used the patch
before, so it could be '||' or '==', or even '='.

>So i apply on all of you who have reached the max affects (32) to help us
>code newbies with some hints on how did you solve that problem (without
>128bit.patch, of course)

If you get a single error in the 128bit.patch, you shouldn't look for another
alternative. The error was fairly simple and you probably want to read up a
bit (lot) on C if you want to be able to fix small bugs like that, or want to
really enrich your MUD. Just a thought.

Andrew Ritchie.

| Andrew Ritchie,

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