Re: [Newbie] Question about areas..

From: Rick Glover (magik@THEGRID.NET)
Date: 11/06/98

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From: A Chyld <chyld@ELWHA.EVERGREEN.EDU>
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Date: Friday, November 06, 1998 5:26 AM
Subject:  [Newbie] Question about areas..

>    ..well - basically I want to wipe the stock areas..I know that if I
>do that just be randomly deleting area files, I'll get problems tho..
>        ..So, is there a txt file that describes which mob/obj/rms are
>explicitly used by the code? I know the stuff like donation/starting
>room stuff..But are there any others?..

You'll need to have at least one zone active or the mud won't boot.  Also,
you'll have to have your mortal start room and immort start room in that
zone that you choose.  Zone 0 has mobs/objs/rooms that are referred to in
the code, like the 'bug' object, 'clone' mob, and 'void' room.  Spec_procs
won't crash your mud or not allow it to boot, but it will give  you many
errors in your logs, so you need to look at spec_assign.c and take out any
procs that are no longer on your mud.


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