Re: [Newbie] Sector Types..

From: Cj Stremick (stremick@IX.NETCOM.COM)
Date: 11/07/98


There are a couple other things you'll need to update to add a sector type.

In constants.c, you need to add the sector name to the "sector_types" array.
Also, you need to add an entry for the movement deduction in

So, to answer your question, sector types DO mean things.  They affect how
much movement is needed to walk through them.  Also, some sector types can
have other implications.  FLY and UNDERWATER and some others require certain
affects to be able to go in those rooms.


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>    ..I'm looking at adding additional sector types to my mud - as far
>as I can tell, the only place the diffrent sector types are mentioned is
>in structs.h..Do sectors actually do anything in Circle? Are there
>diffrent mov costs for the various sector types?..Or is there just
>somewhere else this is mentioned in the code I'm not seeing..??..
>                            Thanks..
>                                                            Jonathan

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