Re: {Newbie} Possible Bug or Hacker?

From: Jeffrey Margolis (COOL20@AOL.COM)
Date: 11/08/98

In a message dated 11/5/98 12:48:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I just had a level 2 player log in, his name was in very strange
> characters and the game suddenly crashed.  When I checked the crash log,
> it turns out that this person had somehow advanced to level 41...

I might be able to offer an explanation that is more of an exploitattion of a
bug instead of a bug by mistake.  You see this onece happend to me before (i
dont know if it is the same reasons.).  Well if you have a mob that is
immortal and will fight.  And a mage that has an area affect spell or any one
that has a spell that will disable the mob from doing damage for one turn or
more.  The you keep damaging the mob (which cant be killed) and the mob doesnt
touch you then you get a lot of exp.  In fact once someone got like 30 levels
(that could varry depening on the spell)  Sure the cgarecter dies but for that
much levels it tempts them.  The crash may have occured before the death was
        The way i fixed this was i added a check to all my area affect spells that
did a check if the mob was Imm then i i lett it go on for one round and then a
message was sent saying the heavens favor there own and the charecter is
killed or transported back to the load room

I hope i helped a little bit(maybe not even at all)

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