Re: [CODE] Crash but no core from Peter Hartman at "Nov 8, 98 05:10:17 pm"

Date: 11/08/98

> Greetings,
>   I'm getting crashes on specific commands but no core dump as a result and
> syslog.CRASH doesn't list anything.  Previously, the mud _used_ to produce a
> core on a crash, such as these, but now it doesn't.  I may be completely
> tired, but does anyone have an idea why a core is not being produced?

        Assuming you are on some sort of Unix site, make use of the "limit"
or "ulimit" command, consulting the man pages to see what flags you
may need.
        If you see someting along the lines of "limit cordumpsize 0", this
is what is preventing your mud from dumping core.
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