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From: DarkLord (
Date: 11/06/98

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Bryan Britt wrote:

>Can any one tell me the relative advantages and disadvantages to
>installing the 128-bit patch verses the PRF2 solution?  There seems to
>be a lot of talk on the list about problems regarding the 128-bit

  It doesnt matter as long as the MSB can support the value...
  Like in the conventional case.. you have (1 << 31) or whatever..
  Technically your reg size is 32 bit.. but if you were to try to
  manipulate the flags in a way like adding them..  ex) PRF_FLAG1 |
  PRF_FLAG2  it would overflow the size of the variable.  Even if it was
  long you still couldnt get 128 bits out of it.

  If you say you have a problem with the 128 method..  try only going to
the  n-1  and see if that works.. like i just explained.

>We are thinking about seperating out our flags into several long
>variables and using a PRF2 type solution.  But we wanted to make sure
>that we did or did not want to do the 128.

  As long as it works.. it doesnt matter.. go with the fastest or one with
the least amount of code/flexibility.

  Whatever is easiest to do..  I used to go with the PRF2 method.. PRF3
even.. but it doesnt matter..

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