[NEWBIE] Long names for PC's

From: Deus Irae (irae@HOME.COM)
Date: 11/08/98

Sorry if this is on the sites somewhere.. I've searched and searched, but I
couldn't find it, and, being new to the list, I figure I'd ask a question
that's likely to have a simple chunk of code to implement..

How can I make it so that a PC can have a longer name when they emote, say,
tell, or otherwise act or appear..

for example, I want Irae to be able to do the following

name Deus %

(so that % is a placeholder for the PC's real name, so it has to be in there

and have the mud use Deus Irae as his name, so that

Deus Irae tells you, "bleh"
Deus Irae leaves west.

[ 100 Hum Cle ] Deus Irae -- god of all stuff silly --

I know it's gonna involve changing structs.h, and a pfile wipe, and that's
fine by me.. but HOW do I do this?

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