Re: [CODE] Crash but no core

From: Peter Hartman (
Date: 11/09/98

Thanks for the response.

> Make sure that the process (the mud) is being run by an account that has
> write permissions to your lib/ directory. I had this problem when I used

Currently, my permissions are read/write-able by the user/group wart.wart
which is what the autorun is running as (according to ps and it is also what
I launch it as).

> Another thing to look at is that your mud may be hitting an infinite loop.

  It isn't hitting an infinite loop because I can definately find the line
of source code that is breaking it.  Under normal circumstances this would
produce a core.

  I'm very confused over-all why my core went away.  I did go from a libc5
to a glibc system, if this offers any hints.


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