Re: {Newbie} Possible Bug or Hacker?

From: Mo McKinlay (
Date: 11/09/98

Is it not possible that, instead of somebody pasting wierd characters into
a telnet client, it could actually be a pointer bug? I've had this problem
after I'd fiddled with some of the comm.c, interpreter.c & db.c code, and
I eventually tracked it down to a pointer left with a random value.

Of course, it could well be someone pasting into the client, but pointer
problems are a very common cause of strings appearing like this, as most C
programmers will know.

> One I have noticed from all this is that when a person logs in with the
> password like D. That's the bug and by not accepting letters not
> on the keyboard as a name will fix this. I'm not sure if you need to
> change this in the password though.


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