[NEWBIEish] Room Descriptions

From: Jodi Goddard (jodig@sprint.ca)
Date: 11/09/98

Ok, here's my problem.  My builders sometimes like to write essays as room
descriptions, and it shows up fine in the OLC (OLC2.0+), but whenever you
try looking at the room, the entire description just doesn't show up.

So my little noggin got thunkin' and I figured "well, it works in the OLC
redit menu, so let's try copying that code!" and I did that, it compiled
fine, but the results were the same.

Also, if the description is somewhat long, the autoexit display gets
truncated (I replaced the n, e, w .... autoexit with a call to do_exits).

This is really annoying, and some help would be greatly apreciated.

Here's what I got:
  bpl14 (Phooey's circle_98.zip, or whatever)
  128 Bit patch
  Some buffering system thingy (no idea what it is, I tried tinkering with
that   too, but that did nothing but create hell and havoc .. :] )
  Win95 and MSVC 6.0

Jodi Goddard  -   ICQ : 17422736
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                                                        -- Charlie Gibbs

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