Re: [CODE] Sockets...Anybody? Help?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 11/10/98

George wrote:
> >int sendcmd (int handel, char *line, struct char_data *ch)
> >{
> >        int bytessent, length, position = 0, a, b, c;
> >        char *buf, *buf2;
> >        length = strlen(line);
> >        buf = line;
> Missing a "do"
Actually,while loops works fine without do commands.
And the sendcmd function works fine. I dedcided to write my own function
like write_to_descriptor because that function had no error checking of
how much data got sent compaired to how much data there was.

Anyways that wasn't the origional problem and I still get the same
problem with write_to_descriptor. See after the first send of data I
have to receive. Then send. Then send. Then I don't know I tried send
and I tried receive then send but neither works. It's something to do
with stream size I belive or the receiving smpt client.

Either way I get stuck after sending the third command. This could be
very bad in a message of 40 lines.

So. Unless someone has an idea of how to fix that.....
This is using msvc++ 5.0 on win95.

- Matt

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