Re: [CODE] Sockets...Anybody? Help?

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 11/10/98

I'll respond to the two posts posted after mine. First I didn't have the
do statement in there because I am messy and it is messy as George said.

Now to do with the cone state. I eventually will make a con state or at
least a prf to show the person is e-mailing or else you get inturupted
when in the advanced editor. Now just to make it clear what I am trying
to do is:

Seperatly... Connect to localhost on port 25. Then send the recpient,
then who it's from then the data. (Give that it is already into
bufferes) This shouldn't be hard. Now when I changed it to log in to my
mud it worked! But when I did it to a smpt server it sadly didn't.

I probably shouldn't have sent the exter send function along with that
actual point but I did so people knew what the command did.

At first I was tring for portability now I'm just using windows winsock
procedures, I haven't been able to test it because I'm having trouble
declairing lpwsabuf.  (If anyones know how to define that tell because
I've included winsock.h and the type def of that is working)

- Matt

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