Re: [Newbie] Positions..

From: Aaron Throckmorton (
Date: 11/12/98

I'm not sure if this is what you want, but why not just set the AFF_FLAG
flying for pixies, with no expiration?  You would have to make sure that
a fly spell would have no affect on them (or eventually it will wear off
:).  To me, this makes it more like how a pixie would be.  A pixie
prolly doesn't have to think about flying, it just flys.

Just my 2 bits.


A Chyld wrote:
>     ..Ok, so I'm trying to add a position to my mud..I'm adding
> POS_FLYING..Basically, I've added a pixie race, and I want Pixies to be
> able to fly without having to cast a spell - just by typing fly..I've
> added POS_FLYING to stucts.h and I've added "is hovering here." to
> act.informative.c..

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