Re: [bpl14] [win98] obj affects 98 04:23:55 pm"

From: AxL (
Date: 11/13/98

> Just a thing for thought... a good project for some newbie coders who want obj
> affects might be to use the rent per/day obj stat as a spell # for spell
> affects.  This is what I did..then just update OLC to bring up the spell list
> and stuff for that input.

        Yea, that is a good suggestion, esp if your mud doesn't charge
rent, a rent/day field is kinda useless.  I changed to to an "object
level", so to speak.  For a magical item, I use it as the target number
for a mage's "dispel magic".  For a weapon, it is the level of the
original forger, used to determine a player's sucess at re-forging to make
it stronger.
        Lots of ideas to come up with. :)
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