Re: [Newbie] Positions, cont.

From: Bo Young (
Date: 11/15/98

I would move the POS_FIGHTING_FLYING define below standing to put
back in its original position.....  That should clear up the mobs loading in
the wrong default
position.....Also how bout resubmitting the code you used.....  hope this
helps.....   :-)

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From: Jonathan Grant Esq. <chyld@ELWHA.EVERGREEN.EDU>
To: <>
Date: Sunday, November 15, 1998 5:54 AM
Subject:  [Newbie] Positions, cont.

>        ..Thanks to everyone for their suggestions..
>..Ok, to add the fly ability I was describing, I added two new positions..
>#define POS_FIGHTING        7
>#define POS_STANDING        9
>#define POS_FLYING          10
>..I added the commands "fly" and "land"..
>        ..I also made the nessisary adjustments to act.movement.c,
>interpreter.c, and fight.c..
>..All was fine, until I discovered that my wandering mobs no longer
>move..Obviously, this is due to the fact that POS_STANDING used to be
>defined as 8, and is now 9..So, I'm guessing that all my mobs are loading
>into POS_FIGHTING_FLYING..The only problem is I don't know where I need
>to make the change..I've greped around a bit, to no avail..I do have
>oasis installed, if that's relevent..
>..So, if anyone could point me in the right direction. . .
>                Thanks,
>                        Jonathan Grant
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