[TOTALLY-OFFTOPIC][NEWBIE] removable storage

From: Ryan Underwood (runderwo@mail.win.org)
Date: 11/15/98

> SparQ my friend *cheap plug* :P  1 GB removable cartridges for the price
> of an Iomega Zip Plus.  Catridges are 39 bucks each with a three pack
> running for 100 bucks US.  It solved my disk space problems with my lousy
> 750 MB hard disk.

One thing you fail to mention though, is that Syquest is now defunct and
warranty/support for the drives is non-existent.  If you get a *REALLY*
good deal on the drive, then I'd say go for it, but be warned if something
goes wrong, your money's down the drain.  I have a Jaz 2GB myself, and
while it was a bit pricier than the Sparq ($299 w/1 cartridge as opposed
to ~$160 for the Sparq) I am extremely pleased with its performance and
Iomega's support as well.  Granted, Iomega used to be at the bottom of the
barrel as far as manufacturer support went, but that was a few years back,
and they're whistling a different tune now.  Not saying that I wouldn't
have bought a Syquest if they were in business and doing well, but I have
qualms about buying product from a company that is either going down the
drain or already has.

Just my 2 cents

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