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From: George (
Date: 11/16/98

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Andrey Fidrya wrote:

>void show_obj_to_char(struct obj_data * object, struct char_data * ch,
>                        int mode)
>  strcat(buf, "\r\n");
>  page_string(ch->desc, buf, TRUE);
>Is there any reason to use page_string here?
>Why can't it be something like "send_to_char(buf, ch)"?

It might have a really long description in mode 0.

>Btw, there is a bug in do_last: it adds 1 extra \r\n.
>(ctime adds \r\n and we append one more \r\n to buf, so just remove \r\n from
>-  sprintf(buf, "[%5ld] [%2d %s] %-12s : %-18s : %-20s\r\n",
>+  sprintf(buf, "[%5ld] [%2d %s] %-12s : %-18s : %-20s",

ctime only adds \n. (Not that the lone \n should be there anyway.)

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