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Date: 11/17/98

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Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 2:38 PM
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>Just an addendum to your point:  We develop our mud in linux, but most of
>our players (and a good # of our imms) come in from a windows environment,
>(even if it's CRT to a unix shell account and tintin'ing in) so a lack of
>both characters will cause some wierd line wrapping.
>IMHO, unless you can ensure that noone will come in from windows, it's
>better to have both, that way you have consistancy of display (at least as
>much as possible.)

It might be a good idea to put this into a toggleable feature for players or
have a test for it in character generation to save bandwidth, especially if
you think you'll have a high player base.  I think there's a patch for this
on the ftp site actually, hehe.


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