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From: Christopher Avans (parka@cdc.net)
Date: 11/18/98

To those who posted about mob_mercy tog vicious code etc, I was one I was
thinking and i didnt mention and meant to that stock circle does not allow
for a death without a killer. The person if knocked below -1 hitpoints
will get stuck eventually in pos_dead.

Two a horrible thing in the most recent gcc's(This leads to a suggestion)

Okay take two functions. update_pos(blah) and die(blah, indeed),
if you add a call for die in a file gcc will warn implicit declare of blah
if you dont add a void die(blah, indeed); up top of the file which needs
done. But if you add update_pos(blah) it want warn it assumes void
update_pos(int) which is _not_ good.
It would be nice to have circle make a prototypes.h file that is included
in all .c files. Of course this file will have a prototype of all
functions. There is even a program that will make you one!

To get much better core files and you use gcc in a *nix OS
type this "MALLOC_CHECK_=2" THEN "export MALLOC_CHECK_"
what this will do is abort() the instant a memory error occurs
and makes very accurate, helpfull core files to read with gdb.

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