Re: [NEWBIE] Autodiag

From: Jourge Fuzz Bush (
Date: 11/21/98

Sorry, I'm not quite framiliar with autodiag is like an auto diagnose?
If so, this possibly could be a mob using the autodiagnose flag.....
(But that still leaves no reason of why a mob should be using this)
What I did was made a little function that was the exact same and
diagnose only fewer parmaters (You can just use the acmd...I was a
beginner when I wrote this command so I didn't know acmd was a macro)
Then I called if from perform violence I belive. I only called it if two
things were true. first it wasn't a mob (Is mob macro works fine) and to
make sure the user had the prf of autocon (That's my switch from
autodiagnose...Basiclly resembeling auto condition).

The finall output looked like this:
**Sorry the following is manualy created because circle keeps crashing
on startup...**
Apocalips SMITES the Brass Dragon.
Apocalips SMITES the Brass Dragon.
Apocalips SMITES the Brass Dragon.
The Brass Dragon is in awful condition.

Somewhat like that....

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