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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 11/23/98

Greetings again :)

Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         I'm not familiar with Insure, but in general, commercial products
> are much better than the comparable free versions.  However, i have no
> idea what that last sentance means .."that should tell everything about
> the success of presenting a non-commercial project." Gdb isn't a
> commercial project. Its a non-commercial product. *boggles*

  It means that our non-commercial application for the Insure++ beta
testing program failed. Hence we're not using it for debuggin but ye
good ole gdb. Guess I worded way too awkward :)

>         CVS doesn't have RCS built in.  It is a seperate package required
> to run CVS. CVS is just a really nice interface for RCS.  I'm currently
> running version 1.9 I believe on my system, and though it allows quite a
> bit, it is still rather kludgy and hard to use for those not used to it.

  Trust me, 1.10 does have built-in replacements for RCS ;)
At least that's what the Changes File on Freshmeat says, and we got
it working without having RCS installed ;)

  Thanks for the answers PjD.

- Chris

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