Re: Overflows --again...

From: Jason Asser (
Date: 11/24/98

> Here's another thing that has been confusing my coders as well as myself.
> ---Start---
> Nov 24 06:46:33 :: SYSERR: *** Buffer overflow! ***
> buf2: $n leaves east.
> length: 15
> ---END---
> Any idea what's causing these errors? *Sigh*
If you are using the liblist snippet, and someone does rlist 0 10000
or any other command which will generate a buffer large enough to overflow
you'll end up with that.  You may also notice everyone on the mud loses the
ability to use spells.  Either define a larger buffer and use that, or add
in a check and stop putting stuff in that buffer.
grep for OVERFLOW in the code and copy that section that performs the check.

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