Re: [bpl14][0lc+2.0] [win98] More Mazes

From: Eduo (
Date: 11/24/98

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998, Scorn wrote:

> i did that at room 400 and room 499 and still it didnt work.  I will try
> the
> 400 ..........409
> 410...........419 thing to see if that makes a difference, does the 00
> have to be the top left or can it be the bottom left?
> Scorn

I guess it should be top left since the template proposed for cartographer
created it like that. I don't think the program will understand a
differently numbered layout. I had my entrance at room QQ00 (8200 in my
case) and the exit in room QQ99, it worked right.

In case anyone wonders, I created the maze as a four season magic zone (a
sort of quest for entering a castle) in which the 10x10 grid was further
divided in 4x4, having four 5x5 squares within and a different "season
motif" in each; it contained a swamp, a desert, a glacier and a forest
(all maintained magically, supposedly). I found out I could modify it so
exits up and down were not touched at all (can't recall if the stock
snippet modified this) so as to include small coves, attics and the like.
The maze resetted itself every five minutes, with or without people
inside, and there were some really good mobs around which were !track and
one or two death traps in the edges.


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