Javascript World Creation

From: Melissa J. Jadwinski (
Date: 11/26/98

Heya all, under the category of "web toy candy", I recently finished making
a set of room, mob and object generators under Javascript.  Basically it
allows builders to create a room, mob or obj one at a time from a
browser-based form.  I have no idea if this will be useful to anyone -- at
the very least the forms could be used by someone doing a CGI version.  You
can download both the html and the js files from the address below.  I have
no idea if anyone else has done one of these, but at any rate, here it is.
It is based on the format of stock Circle 3.0 (the building.txt doc
included in bpl14), would be easy enough to make it 2.0 compatible.  Feel
free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions, etc.


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