From: Ken Ray (
Date: 11/29/98

The question was raised as to why would someone want to run Circle under
Windows.  One reason is that this provides a good "test environment" for
code changes and new areas.  A person can experiment with the code on
their own machine, and if a code change crashes the mud, corrupts player
files or other real anti-social things (which in any programming task, is likely),
then no one other than the coder is affected.

Sounds like a good habit to get into.

The alternative would be to have either a seperate Unix machine (yes, I
know, we should all run Linux rather than MS software), or set things up to
have a seperate test mud on the same machine.  Neither are possible in all
cases, particularly if a "commercial" hosting service is used.  With a
Windows version, I can run the test mud on my own machine, without
having to dial up an ISP.

Ken Ray

ps: This is my first post to the list, hope the cruddy e-mail software here has
worked properly.  My apologies to the group if it has stuffed up.

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