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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 11/30/98


mmars wrote:
> Correct me if i am wrong, but UNIX is the only OS that comes close to true multitasking, as well as WinNT.. correct??  Does the mud run faster/better with out as much lag under a multitasking OS as opposed to DOS or Windows 95/98?  I've used Cygnus' GNU

Correction: Unix DOES true multitasking on a SMP system ;)
And even without SMP, the multitasking is at least better
by far than the Win95/98 one (where one program can take
EVERYTHING (this is btw known as the difference of cooperative
and preemptive multitasking - the one is scheduled by the kernel,
the other is depending on the 'social behaviour' of the tasks).

SMP systems can be rather cheap these days...get some old
P5 233mmx (look for identical sspec nr!) and get the rather cheap
Tyan Tomcat IV moboard. Get linux, compile kernel for SMP,
there ya go.

Perfect for a MUD computer, that should also serve several users
(webmasters, coders for your MUD) and have a webserver running,
as well as the MUD itself of course (the one screaming 'overkill':
Memory Usage:
VmSize:    38636 kB get the idea :)

- Chris

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