[Newbie] Classless CircleMud..

From: A Chyld (chyld@elwha.evergreen.edu)
Date: 11/30/98

    ..I know it kind of seems like shooting myself in the foot, but I've been
trying recently to remove classes from my mud..

    ..I have a race system in there, which essentially is a copy of the class
system - I had thought about just switching all the GET_CLASS calls to relavant
GET_RACEs.. Anyway - I 've already done some simple stuff life changing the saving
throws, ect.. Now I'm trying to remove all referances to chclass.. ..Like I sai -
this may be shooting myself in the foot. . .  Has anyone out there remove classes
from their mud? Right now, what I'm doing is essentially trial and error, so some
direction would be enormously useful...

                                                    Jonathan Grant

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