[NEWBIE] 128 bit tiny question

From: Matt Lowe (modem-burn@geocities.com)
Date: 11/30/98

        Hi, I'm sorry this is probably covered in the archives I'm just
very disorginized since I switched os's and got about 30 projects.
Anyways I have a few questions about 128 bit flags.
Juding by the patch it changes the format of the area files from
blah <flag> blah
to: blah <flag1><flag2><flag3><flag4> blah
well first, does this mean that flags 1 - 32 are put on the first flag
point and 33 - 64 are on the second?
And do the flags restart at one depending on the flag number.
Eg. In the regular world file 2 signifies a death trap. Now if an area
looked like this:

        blah 2 blah
would the equivilent look like this with 128 bit?

        blah 2 0 0 0 blah

and say you got to your limit of 32. So for the next flag you had to
use the next slot, does it restart at one or does the size of the
integer stay the same?

        - Matt

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