Re: [Code] [Hedit] Problem saving helps

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 12/01/98

> Hmm, looks like the medit crash bug, but I'm not
> sure. If it crashes only when you save new help
> entries, not already existing ones, and it crashes on
> the line 'free(help_table)' ( core doesn't help here,
> you have to step step step ... ), it's probably what
> I think it is.  You are somewhere accessing
> help_table[ -1 ] element. Use ElectricFence or
> something like that and protect below
> ( EF_PROTECT_BELOW ). Try 'man efence' if you don't
> know how to use ElectricFence.  If it's not the bug I
> think it is ...

I also have a problem with hedit, but fixing it is very
low on my list of things to do.  It lets me create a
new entry, says it saves it, but when I reboot the mud,
the new entry isn't there.  This same problem also
occurs with aedit, and I suspect the problems are
related.   But if I oedit, for example, the changes
are saved.  I suspect it is as simple as it is just
saves the entries to memory but not to disk, but you
would think the OLC+ patch (the latest version which
include DG Scripts as an integral part of it) would not
have such a glaring error in it ;O

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