Re: Object File Idea

From: Rick Glover (
Date: 12/03/98

The object variables on the mud already hold all the changes that are made
while the object is in the game.  If you wanted to save the changes, all you
would have to do is change objsave.c's obj_to_store and vice versa to move
over the information that you want and also change structs.h: obj_file_elem
to store the new stuff you want.  This will corrupt your player rent files,
of course.


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From: Tony Robbins <tonyr@PACIFIC101.COM>
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Date: Wednesday, December 02, 1998 4:59 PM
Subject:  Object File Idea

>Is there any reason why a person couldn't make the rent file store all the
>info on an object that has changed, by using a flag to store the

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