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Date: 12/05/98

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Date: Friday, December 04, 1998 10:53 PM
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>On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, STW wrote:
>> >It's all too well to like a platform and not like another, but try always
>> >to have the facts in front of you, or you risk being made a fool of
>> >because you said something that tried to be witty but showed ignorance.
>> Ooo... spot the touchy Mac owner. :-) Perhaps I ought to have added
>> the smileys? Or maybe I should have added the fact that I own an
>> I-Mac? And it has no floppy disk drive WHY? <Shrug>.
>I am not touchy, I just don't like the facts screwed. I run more windows
>and unix machines than I care to count and less macs than I'd like but the
>facts are the facts.

What fact did I screw up? One of the reasons for the Mac's security rating, is
that it is incompatible with the vast majority of viruses and trojans.

Seems I was right the second time. I *did* need to put the smileys in. ;-)

>If even a site like, which is made by linuxhead for
>linuxheads, understand the place, use and advantages of the macintosh (and
>I mean this in their general approach to Mac and Apple, when there is one)
>then maybe it is not just that I am touchy, but that I like to let the
>facts subsist on their own. They are sensible enough without the trampling
>Because that't what they are, right? facts... Facts don't need a helping
>hand to be truer, they just need people not muddling them up..:)
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