Re: [HELP] pfile

From: George (
Date: 12/06/98

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Christopher Avans wrote:

>  Has anyone made to convert from binary to ascii then back?  We had a
>dumb god remove valid_name check to try to rename a guy and we got a funky
>pfile entry. Do not wana wipe cause we been open a month and getting 20 to
>50 online and growing. Blah indeed. If not we prob make something of the
>sorta if so I share. I think this is a good way to fix problems like this
>to convert and delete bad entry and convert back the purgeplay utility
>will chop the bad file but the file it creats is bad i.e. the

So, uh, fix purgeplay from doing bad things.  You probably just need to
recompile it as you've probably changed your playerfile structure without
recompiling the purgeplay program since the first time it was ever made.

It's a whole lot easier than writing a Binary<->ASCII converter.

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