Re: OLC errors from "Dan Egli" at Dec 7, 98 04:24:41 am

From: Thomas Henke (
Date: 12/07/98


> I am getting a strange error in the OasisOLC modules. When I create a new
> zone, the only way I can edit it is to make a room in that zone, goto that
> room, then type zedit by itself.

The zedit_new_zone procedure contains only a create of the 'general files'
like .obj/.mob/.wld/.zon(/.trg) and so on. Than it loads the new zone into
the Memory, but it don't create the new ROOM to the memory, it only saves
it into the file.

> anyone know what could be going wrong? This is OasisOLC 1.6.

You have to add a part to load a new room into the memory, or to do it
manualy by creating the room as single.

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