Re: changing sh_int to long

From: Rick Glover (
Date: 12/07/98

Unless you have ascii pfiles/rent files you will ruin both and have to
pwipe/objwipe depending on whether or not you have sh_int's in those

BTW, sh_int will allow around 326 zones, I believe.  Do you really want to
expand that to 368,934,881,474,191,031 zones?  Just taking it to int will
give you 21,474,835 zones.


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From: Michael J. Fara <>
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Date: Monday, December 07, 1998 6:35 AM
Subject:  changing sh_int to long

>Well I have finally decided to expand upon the zone limitations, rather
>exploring through the code all day I was wondering if using sed to simply
>move all sh_int entries in the code to long would do any harm to anything,
>besides eat all my ram?

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