Do_dig restrictions

From: StormeRider (
Date: 12/07/98

Basically, on my mud, I am running with the normal directions plus
the 4 extra descriptions I once made a patch available for, plus another
for virtual map support.

As far as builders go, I extended what they could edit at a given time by:

*defining LVL_REVIEW to be the level of area reviewers, area reviewers
 and above can edit anything.
*adding a HOME value in addition to the OLC value that allows them to
 only edit certain zones.

I had a problem with builders using dig to dig into places they shouldn't,
and needed to fix the code appropriately. This code works for area
reviewers and above, and crashes the mud on builders attempting to do
this. I am re-reviewing the original source code to do_dig, but can anyone
see my mistake?

Because this message is too long to fit in the 200 line limit, check out the
dig code I have at

The syslogs yielded me the following tidbits of information:

sunrise:/files/wosbuild$ grep -i dig sys*
syslog.CRASH:Mon Dec  7 15:04:11 :: DIG:: Argument:  n 11101
syslog.CRASH:Mon Dec  7 15:04:11 :: Dig:: in room 11100, room to edit: 11101

The core file did not seem to appear and get processed by my auto-gdb'ing


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