Re: problems with Comm.c

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 12/09/98

On Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:59:40   Christina Orr wrote:
> The error occurs everywhere in comm.c where
> 'ssize_t' is followed by 'perform_socket_read'
> (missing ','?) is found.  The exact lines and some
> code around them are as follows.

>RETSIGTYPE hupsig(int sig);
>---->(121)  ssize_t perform_socket_read(socket_t desc, char
>*read_point,size_t space_left);
>---->(122)  ssize_t perform_socket_write(socket_t desc, const char
>*txt,size_t length);

It looks like it is just not defined to a type.
Check your conf.h and not the lines that read:
/* Define to `unsigned' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define.  */
#undef size_t


/* Define to `int' if <sys/types.h> doesn't define.  */
#undef ssize_t

You probably need to makes define these accordingly:
#define size_t unsigned
#define ssize_t int

I would actually use a typedef instead:
typedef unsigned size_t;
typedef int ssize_t;

But whatever :p

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