Re: [SNIPPET] [CODE] The Mapsnippet

From: Christoffer Lundberg (
Date: 12/13/98

On Sat, 12 Dec 1998, Tony Robbins wrote:

> As an aside, there are some small things neglected that are required for
> your snippet to work [which i am trying out to see how if I like it better
> than the one I set up].

You have an automap as well? Probably better than mine. Can you release
itas a snippet? Because my code is not good (at least I think that).

> Two macros need to be defined, as they will not be found when making it the
> first time.  These are CAN_GO2 and EXIT2.
> #define EXIT2(rnum, door)  (world[rnum].dir_option[door])
> #define CAN_GO2(rnum, door) (EXIT2(rnum,door) && \
>                          (EXIT2(rnum,door)->to_room != NOWHERE) && \
>                          !IS_SET(EXIT2(rnum, door)->exit_info, EX_CLOSED))

Forgot to mention them. But the real problem is getting color to it all.
It is very hard to see anything.

> Christoffer <

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