Re: bug in the improved editor?

From: Doppleganger Software (
Date: 12/13/98

>I just installed the improved editor from the circlemud ftp site and
>a bug. Wondering if somebody else has had the same problem.
>If i clear the buffer with /c and then saves it with /s
>the mud crashes. Anybody nows whats wrong? Gdb doesnt tell me much here :(

It should be obvious:  You are saving nothing.  You need to have it check
for that.  There is a fix out there that will fix up the code so that if
you try and save nothing it will put at least one character in it.  In
the case of boards, it saves something like "This person forgot to type a
message in." and something similar for mail.  Just take a look at it.
Another option is to work with the code a bit and try to fix the code to
check for NULL strings and be able to handle them.

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