[CODE - sorta..] Sending too much data to player.....

From: Francis Hotchkiss (fhotch@buffnet.net)
Date: 12/13/98

   I was wondering if the list could help me with a problem I'm
having(actually that stock has, it it isn't as noticable in stock...)  When
a huge amount of data is sent the buffer of data that gets sent to the
player, the game writes ALL of that data at once, causing players on slower
connections(a modem) to lose link.  This can be seen be doing a 'where o
sword' as a god in stock. I was wondering if there is a way to send the
data as smaller packets, instead of one huge chunk? This way players
wouldn't lose thier connection from the mud by being "spammed out". Any
advice would be welcome :)


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