Re: [CODE - sorta..] Sending too much data toplayer.....

From: Invincibill (
Date: 12/13/98

how about if you try sending just one line at a time? ie if you have a
character array of 80 by 24 then try a loops. something like below.

assume your character array of 80x24 is called char *map[24] (or

int x
char line[81];

  for(x=0;x<=24;x++) { //or whatever your max rows is
    strcpy(line, map[x]);
    send_to_char(line, ch);

what this will do is send one line at a time. it will still send it
as fast so it may not work. try something along this way and see how it

another thing you can do is make a func called page_map() which will
break the
map up at the 80th char so you only get whole lines between the prompts.

if you still have problems, drop me a line. we can talk about it more in
depth off the list.


Francis Hotchkiss wrote:
> I have in all cases except one. I have a dynamic wilderness map, and for
> imps
> it sends a lot of data(80 rooms wide by 24 rooms heigh with one color code
> per
>  room and one symbol per room). I can't have a page_string in the middle of
> a
> map.

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