[Admin] The Mailing List

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 12/14/98

I've noticed a *large* number of people on the Mailing List over the
past few days who obviously have no understanding of any sense of
mailing list etiquette, and who obviously haven't bothered spending
the 15 minutes it takes to read through the CircleMUD Mailing List
FAQ (which makes mention of a good location to pick up the CircleMUD
distribution by the way).

Over the past few days, there have been people quoting buttloads of
material without regard for other people on the list (there are about
500 subscribers at the moment), and without regard for either the
archives or the digest form of the list.

I would ask that you all take 15 or 20 minutes to read over the Mailing
List FAQ, and take note of some of the rules for the list.  If you can't
manage to follow these rules, I will be forced to remove you from the
list, with a short note explaining why you have been removed.

Thank you for your obviously valuable time,


     | Ensure that you have read the CircleMUD Mailing List FAQ:  |
     |  http://qsilver.queensu.ca/~fletchra/Circle/list-faq.html  |

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