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From: George (
Date: 12/14/98

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Invincibill wrote:

>i would very much like to continue with the Mud++ model, but i could
>never get ahold of the original author. i tried the mailing list and the
>address in the headers but had no luck.

I don't know where he or his coding partner went either.  If you notice, my
machine (aliased as hosts the mailing list and a mirror
for MUD++ also.  I didn't have time to actively help with the code, but I
could supply a bit of infrastructure.

>i really liked the MUD++ code because it looked well thought out and is
>still in "baby stages" so is open to easier functional changes if its
>deemed any need done.

They were also making a compiler/assembler for MUD scripting.

>I would be willing to donate some time and server space if necessary to
>help get this going.  i think it would be fun and i would like to get back
>into some c++.
>if somebody could speak to jeremy (george) maybe we can get rolling on it.

Time would be nice, server space I already have dedicated to the project.

However, you will note that there is one striking difference between the
CircleMUD license and the GPL. Whereas you cannot use the MUD code for
money with CircleMUD, you can with the GPL.  Many MUD people may be a bit
wary of such a huge change.  I'm not speaking for everyone but just
suggesting that there may be a bit of hesitance that isn't there with the
CircleMUD license.

MUD++ is a very nice code base with a different license attempt, but I'm a
bit wary at the moment.  Perhaps if the author pops up again we can see.

Go C, rah rah rah! :)


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