Re: [CODE] [HELP] events.c

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (
Date: 12/15/98


I'm not sure that system is the one i wrote a long time ago (most people use
dgevents now), but, if it is there is a function called clean_events() (or
something like that) that takes in a pointer.

That function will delete any event who's origin, victim or event function
match the pointer you pass to it. You must call that function whenever the
character dies or is freed. That's in db.c and I think the function is
extract_ch(). You have to put it (clean_events()) in extract_obj() too.

Have fun,

Luis Carvalho

PS: The names of the functions might be a bit wrong but I'm sure you get
what I'm saying. Anyway, everyone is free to correct what I said and call me
a stupid ignorant. ;)

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