From: Shane Augustine (sca@bu.edu)
Date: 12/16/98

Hi I was working on the sample problems and I had a few questions.
On Question 3, part b, it asks to find the distance that a horizontal
jet spray at
height 8.6m or pressure of 9.8m/s^2 * 4.3m * 1000kg/m^2.  However I did
not know
what to do after this.
Also on question 5, part 1, it asks to find the pressure of
argon gas, and i don't understand how to solve this without knowing the
volume of the
container.  Wouldn't the pressure be different if the volume was only
1cm^3 as
compared to 1m^3?
And on question 8, a, the answer was 45,300 but i thought it would be
42, 300.  Is this
just a typo? Thanks for the help


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