Re: [CODE][RACES]Where...

From: *Erekosė* (
Date: 12/16/98

Circle 3 bpl 14... I don't have oasis plus. But it doesn't wotk. Well it
works, as in it compiles. But when I run it and try to log-in I get to the
races menu and it just disconnects me. The syslog send this:

SYSERR: no valid target to act($n has lost $s link.)!
                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I added the
first variable here to try to give me some help. But still can not get


Irmas wrote:

> well, first off, what version of circle are you using??
> I know from first hand, the patch on the circle ftp site works great with
> bpl14 and oasisplus (the new one).. I haven't had but one problem with it
> that is ignorable.

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