[NEWBIE] MSP question...

From: RHS Linux User (carnage@games2.mudsrus.com)
Date: 12/17/98

Ok I went to the zmud website and got the specs that are used to make MSP
work.  This is how I implemented it below:
1) Created PRF_MUSIC and PRF_SOUND in structs.h
2) Gave them names in Constants.c
3) Made toggles for them in act.informative.c and afew other places
4) Add this to my tic counter function which I wrote to display the words,
'Tic Toc' when a tic happens:
/* Sound support here */
    send_to_char("!!SOUND(aahhhh.wav)", ch);

Now the wave that is specified is one that I have in my /carnage/sounds
dir in zmud.  This works BTW and I found out that if you just outright
send !!SOUND(aahhhh.wav) people with MSP capable term progs don't see the
call, but hear the sound while those with terminals that don't support
this option see the call so I figured if I put toggles in those who wanted
to hear the MSP options of our mud could and those who didn't or wasn't
capable could just turn their MSP off.  My question was thoe, if this was
in general the way every one else who was using MSP was implementing it
and if not how they were doing it different?  Laterz.

-Smillie, IMP
MAximum Carnage
Carnage.mudsrus.com 6669

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