Re: Obj Enchantment & ObCircle

From: Jon Barrett (
Date: 12/17/98

> damage_noun, and
> >maybe a wait_pulse variable within the spell_info_type struct, but I
> >wondered why this hadn't been done before.
> I added the spell name there already.  Hm, wear off message
> is a good idea,
> I'll throw that on my TODO list though I suspect that may be
> overloading
> spello() just a bit too much.

  Yes, that does overload spello quite a bit.  While I'm on this subject,
what is the consensus about OLC in a future release.  I have made an OLC
'spedit' which edits all of the spell_info variables except routines.  It
will also create, edit and delete fight messages for skills and spells.  If
Oasis is ever going to be put into a realease, I would be happy to convert
it to stock.
  Just an offer, as I am unusually ambitious today.

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