Re: armor questiosn

From: Ron Cole (
Date: 12/20/98

>Exactly how does the armor system in Circlemud work? I have been able to
>gather that the lower your AC the better, but the ac apply values of armor
>and such do not seem to effect my AC as predicted. Example:
>Char has no armor, AC: 100
>Char wears suit of platemail. Ac apply: 15
>Char now has armor, AC: 55
>Wait a minute here? 55? Thats 45 off, not 15 off. Tripple the AC value.
>Now: Char remove platemail, wears enchanted chain, AC apply: 30
>Current AC of char: 55
>NO CHANGE?! whats up?

There are worn location modifiers, for instance, on body is *3.  These affect
the ac apply, but not the ARMOR affect.  Poke around in the code, you'll see


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